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speedsailing match races

Corporate Sailing and Match Races aboard famous
Volvo Ocean Racers

Those who have been following offshore racing for a while will remember the Volvo Ocean Race as well as the Whitbread Round the World Race. The toughest Race around the world has been history-making, with scores of heroic feats, tragic losses and tall tales to nourish race fans until the next race.

Imagine – you and your partners or key costumers are part of the crew, sailing aboard the original ocean racing maxi yachts with full racing equipment. Since 2002 the Rostock based company speedsailing provides a thrilling opportunity to sail on the most famous Volvo 60 class maxi yachts. Flagship of the speedsailing three boat fleet is the legendary "xILLBRUCK” – outstanding winner boat of the Volvo Ocean Race in 2002 and now renamed as V.O.60 "GLASHAGER”. The fleet is completed by the no less well known "OSPA" (xSEB) and todays "ROSTOCKER”, which became part of sailing history as "TOSHIBA”, in the 1998 Whitbread project run by "Mister America’s Cup” Dennis Conner.

Sailing on maxi yachts like these is the ultimate experience in corporating team building, active participation, healthy competition and a great deal of excitement and a lot of fun. A day spent sailing on these magnificent racing yachts on the best sailing spots of the Baltic Sea, relaxing afterwards in the comfort and luxury of the catered speed base close to the boats, is an unforgettable experience for every single participant.

Each of the yachts is crewed by a professional four man racing crew and skipper, and a team of guests - up to 12 people – creating together the balance of crew required to race each yacht (no sailing skills required). Teams race head-to-head in a series of heats and finals as a fleet or - given to individual convenience - as pure match racing.

Nowhere else in Europe is this type of team challenge available – sailing on three similar high-end racing yachts - a domain usually only open to the cream of professional yachtsmen. The speedsailing challenge will leave your guests with the experience of something totally unique that they will talk about for months to follow.

When you crew on these boats, you'll be doing everything that an America's Cup crew does - hoisting sails, steering, grinding, trimming and of course, being the tactician. Come and join us in Rostock or another place of your choice in the Baltic and remember, it will be you that will be racing these yachts.

The beauty of a speedsailing event is its flexibility - we can design and tailor a package specifically to meet your group's needs and budget. Our suggested format for a full day event is to commence with registration in our speed lounge at 9:30am, however timings can be varied to suit a half day program held during the morning or afternoon. The type of event depends upon how much time your group has available and how many guests wish to participate in the racing. Programs can be designed to accommodate all group sizes, from 6 to over 100 guests.


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